Case Studies

Anna Stewart

Lisa Marie Harrawood,

360 Social Media Group
Social Media Management

Client Goals:
1- To create a Mobile Site
2- Bring traffic to that site
3- Monetize

Problems Before Using Us:
1- No mobile traffic
2- No organized mobile shopping cart
3- No mobile optimized keywords

Solutions Recommended
and Implemented

1- Designed a Mobile Website with Shopping Cart
2- Established a mobile advertising campaign for mobile traffic.
3- Created a strategic campaign for client sales
4- Developed an integration of mobile keyword optimization.

Lisa’s Comments:

Lisa – We are excited to have found a company that could grasp an entire mobile campaign and do it so quickly. We were not sure we would be organized and prepared to reach out to the mobile world, but Let’s Go Mobile Now found realistic solutions to our problems.
Kenny was able to take charge in building a mobile advertising campaign that increased our outreach to the Mobile Phone platform. I will be running with Let’s Go Mobile Now the whole year in hopes of expanding my total internet outreach.

Lisa Marie
360 Social Media Group

Anna Stewart

Melissa Cargill,

Passive Income Money
making programs.

Client Goals:
1- To have a Mobile Website
2- Be Mobile Phone Optimized
3- Create SMS Text advertising campaign.

Problems Before Using Us:
1- No mobile phone traffic
2- No mobile optimized site.
3- No ability to SMS text into an opt-in database.

Solutions Recommended
and Implemented

1- Designed a Mobile Website
2- Established a SMS text marketing campaign for mobile opt-ins.
3- Developed an integration of mobile keyword optimization.

Melissa’s Comments:

Melissa – I was so pleased that I was able to use the services of Let’s Go Mobile Now. Kenny was able to create a beautiful mobile optimized web site that I was able to use with my SMS text marketing campaign. Kenny allowed it so I could build a database of SMS clients that I could send a text to anytime I wanted. My clientelle has increased because of the increase of traffic that I now get from having a mobile web site.

Melissa Cargill
More Residual Incomes

Anna Stewart

Anna Stewart,

Mother Blessings –Honoring Women
Becoming Mothers

Client Goals:
1- To sell her book
2- Create a community forum
3- Monetize

Problems Before Using Us:
1- No traffic
2- No organized shopping cart
3- No strategy to enroll affiliates or vendors

Solutions Recommended
and Implemented

1- Blog traffic with SEO drive
2- URL designed with Key Word Research/Competition Searches
3- Strategic sales funnel created with 8 week automated outreach and upsell
4- Interest generated and enrollment by targeted industry (Midwives and Birthing Professionals)
5- Synergystic vendors contacted, enrolled with wholesale discount
6- Video content designed and created
7- Connected to Twitter and eventually to YouTube once interviews and future videos are done for robust channel


Metrics and Measurable Success Markers

1- 300% increase in traffic within 10 days
2- Over 75 industry affiliate enrollments first 10 days
3- Over 6 vendor enrollments with 4additional companies already in discussion for product sales on site
4- Active engagement on blog, on wall and by email (75 email
responses in just one day.)

Anna’s Comments:

Anna: – I really did not know how to make the difference
I wanted to make: I had a book that has been selling on Amazon…. But on my own. I did not know how to make it a real brand and a real business. Lisa and Kenny had so many ideas. Before I knew it, we had knitted together the very community feel and outreach I wanted to create. Now I can bring together small companies and help them get to market where they were unsure of what to do, just like me before Lisa and Kenny’s help.

And I get paid for doing that help for them.

Lisa and Kenny are designing a forum where I can reach out and interview experts in the alternative birthing field. They saw another way to make money (they never miss an opportunity!) – to have a recorded call with midwife from say, Tampa and interview her – then coop an ad geo-targeted for her success.

Very smart and very thoughtful people. I see now the distinction of a campaign and integrated strategy – and….. a fan page.
Feel free to contact me for any specifics,

Anna Stewart
Mother Blessings!/ababymidwife

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